About MVLA

Free. Confident. Triumphant.

That’s today’s man.

We took the ugly ducking of men’s fashion and transformed it. Gave it confidence. Gave you freedom.

MVLA is more than just sweatpants. It’s a full range of pieces that go from the basketball court to boardroom. From recreation to the red carpet.

MVLA is worn by athletes, performers, business leaders, and artists. And you.


The My Vice Sweat Collection offers the comfort and style you’ve come to know as a foundation for your wardrobe.

Our seasonal collections feature a variety of tops, pants, and outerwear that complement each other in endless combinations. For every one of your busy, active days, there’s an MVLA look to help you step triumphantly into any situation.


MVLA is produced in the United States, with many of our items made right here in downtown Los Angeles. We’re proud to work with local vendors to support LA’s legendary fashion industry as it continues to thrive.