About Us

Vice: (n.) \vīs\

A habit of character or behavior; a deep-seated disposition; an addiction.
Origin: From Latin vitium – via Old French – Middle English vice
“I have an obsession with luxury; it is my one and only vice.”

We all know that high. It’s indescribable.
When you combine the feelings of supreme confidence and absolute comfort,
you get this... intoxicating sensation. It’s triumph. It’s the freedom of self-expression.
It’s also just being the best possible you. Once you discover that feeling,
you’re never going to let it go.

Here, at MyVice, we are hooked on that high. We understand this feeling
manifests itself in many forms - be it health, the arts or athleticism.
We also understand that it cannot reveal itself without style.

Realizing this, we took the ugly duckling of men’s fashion and transformed it:
We recreated the men’s sweatpants. Now we share that with you.
From the heart of our lifestyles, to the comfort of your skin.